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Quality Installations

At Alexander Laine we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship. As in all industries there is a correct and an incorrect way to do a job. You can see from the photographs below what a difference this can make to the finished work and the overall asthestic look of your home.
The left hand picture is of a box end that has been fitted by an inexperienced company, they have cut corners and saved money by making the box end out of many bits of fascia they had left over, hence why there are four odd pieces fitted around the barge board and no finishing trim.
The right hand picture, installed by Alexander Laine, you will see that the box end has been cut from one piece of box end fascia section and has finishing trim to the corners, giving a much neater finish. This is how an experienced company would leave an installation.

Incorrect Installation
Correct Installation
Box end fitted by an inexperienced company
Box end fitted by Alexander Laine


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